Our Plant

How will it be our Red Water Plant?

The Red Water Plant will be the first desalination plant in the world working only and continuously with renewable energy, with zero brine discharge to the sea, with negative emissions of CO2 and decreasing oceans acidification.

It will be able to produce large quantities of clean water, electricity, hydrogen, oxygen, chlorine, salt and many valuable minerals.

It will be fully bankable as it will be using an innovative combination of proven technologies.

The supply rates of its water, electricity and other byproducts will be very competitive due to smart integration of efficient technologies including big data management and machine learning for fully autonomous functioning.

Welcome to the new era of hybrid decentralized water and power generation, welcome to the best step against water scarcity and global warming, welcome to Red Water Plant.

For more information about our plant and its features, please watch our videos in youtube or contact us directly to: info@redwaterplant.com